TLEService is a microservice for calculating satellite orbits.

This is not an official Google product.


TLE is a data format for describing something that orbits the Earth.

It’s then up to the user of the TLE data to turn this into “well, where is the
object right now?”


Start the server:

$ go run ./cmd/tleserver/

Example client gets the lat/long/alt of the ISS in the next 10 minutes:

(the TLE data for the ISS is currently hardcoded in the client)

$ ./tleclient  | tee orbit.dat

[… lots of data …]
$ ./plot/orbit.plot
$ ./plot/altitude.plot


Use cases

  • Schedule and aim communication with satellites, such as the amateur radio
    repeaters on the ISS.
  • Know where in the sky to look, and when, to see the ISS go by.
  • Make beautiful 2D and 3D plots of orbits.


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