To integrate OPA Gatekeeper’s new ExternalData feature with cosign to determine whether the images are valid by verifying its signatures

This repo is meant for testing Gatekeeper external data feature. Do not use for production.


  • Deploy Gatekeeper with external data enabled (--enable-external-data)

helm repo add gatekeeper
helm install gatekeeper/gatekeeper  \
    --name-template=gatekeeper \
    --namespace gatekeeper-system --create-namespace \
    --set enableExternalData=true \
    --set controllerManager.dnsPolicy=ClusterFirst,audit.dnsPolicy=ClusterFirst

Let’s install the cosign-gatekeeper-provider:

kubectl apply -f manifest

  • kubectl apply -f manifest/provider.yaml

    • Update url if it’s not http://cosign-gatekeeper-provider.cosign-gatekeeper-provider:8090 (default)

  • kubectl apply -f policy/template.yaml

  • kubectl apply -f policy/constraint.yaml


To test this successfully, we should sign one of our images with cosign tool. So, let’s do this first:

Generate key pair

$ cosign generate-key-pair

We have two files under policy/examples, one for valid manifest that contains signed image, the other is invalid. To do the same you should sign your image as I did:

$ crane copy alpine:latest devopps/alpine:signed
$ crane copy alpine:3.14 devopps/alpine:unsigned
$ cosign sign --key cosign.key devopps/signed:latest

So, once you are ready, let’s apply these manifests one by one. It should allow deploying Pod for valid.yaml, and deny for the other one.


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