Week 5 – Project Todo List

Todos REST API build using echo server.

The code implementation was inspired by Layered Architecture

  • Configs
    Contain database and http configuration
  • Delivery (API)
    API http handlers or controllers
  • Entities
    Contain database model
  • Repository
    Contain implementation entities database anq query with ORM.
  • Utils
    Contain database driver (mySQL)

Setup Database

  1. Read Documentation link
  2. Create User Database in folder ‘configs’

Setup Apps Via Docker

  1. Get into todos directory
  2. Create docker network
    docker network create koneksiku
  3. Docker network ip
    docker network inspect koneksiku
  4. Create docker database image ‘mySQL’

    docker run -d \
    --network koneksiku --network-alias mysql \
    -v todo-mysql-data:/var/lib/mysql \
    -e MYSQL_USER=todosadmin \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=todos123 \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE=to_do_lists_test \
  5. Get into docker mysql shell
    docker exec -it dockerid mysql -utodosadmin -ptodos123
  6. Query something
  7. Open New Terminal
  8. Create docker image from ‘Dockerfile’
    docker built -t imagename .
  9. Run apps inside docker image
    docker run -it --network koneksiku imagename

How To Run Apps

  1. Create Database Based on Configs
  2. Execute Command:
    go run main.go
  3. Read Documentation in folder OpenApi

How To Test Apps



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