Scopein only brings to you urls in scope, facilitating you recon process and avoiding scanning out of scope websites

– Installation & Requirements:

Installing the tool ->

Using go

▶ go install[email protected]

Using git clone

▶ git clone
▶ cd scopein
▶ go build scopein.go
▶ chmod +x scopein
▶ ./scopein -h

– Usage & Explanation:

In Your recon process, when doing subdomain recon & url recon, you may get urls that is not in the scope, such as: “”, “”, random urls or subdomains. Here comes scopein, he only shows in terminal in scope urls

scopein is very easy to use, follow the steps =>

Printing only In scope targets

Pay attention to the syntax!

cat urls | scopein -s ""
cat subdomains | scopein -s "|"

Printing only In scope targets by setting Out of Scope urls

cat targets | scopein -b ""
cat targets | scopein -b "|"

Reading from config file

cat targets

cat scope

Print urls from in scope config file ->
cat targets | scopein -f scope

Print permitted urls from out of scope file
cat targets | scopein -bf scope

Chaining with other tools

echo "" | waybackurls | scopein -s ""

echo "" | waybackurls | scopein -b ""

echo "" | hakrawler | scopein -s ""

echo "" | gauplus -b svg,jpg,png,gif,pdf,js,css | scopein -f scopes

echo "" | gau | scopein -bf scopes

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If any error in the program, talk to me immediatly.


Discord: ferreira#9313 Twitter: ferreiraklet

This project is for educational and bug bounty porposes only! I do not support any illegal activities!.


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