Linode Tagger

Tagger is an application that can enforce the presence/absence of API tags in bulk across all of your Linode instances. Note: currently, tagger only supports Linode instances. This application may be updated in the future to support enforcing tag sets on other Linode APIv4 resource objects.


LINODE_TOKEN="${your_api_token}" tagger --config /etc/tagger/tagger.yml


This project uses goreleaser to manage builds. To manually make a build, you can do:

goreleaser build --rm-dist --single-target --snapshot


Commits must follow Conventional Commit format. This repository uses GoReleaser and semver git tags that are determined by the type of commit.

Making a Release

  1. Create and merge pull request to linode-tagger like normal

  2. Cut tag for release to trigger goreleaser build via Github Actions

    Note: It’s highly recommended to install SVU to help with tag creation.

    # origin   == your fork
    # upstream ==
    git checkout main
    git pull --tags upstream main
    git tag $(svu next)
    git push --tags upstream main


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