A program to generate certificates with the same appearance but with different data.

Thanks to foggleman/gg rendering 2D graphics library as manipulate images easier.

Getting Started

  1. Start with cloning this repository on your local machine :

$ git clone [email protected]:HMIF-UNSRI/arthur.git
$ cd arthur
  1. Enter your csv file into the arthur folder with the name data.csv.
  2. Enter your font-face and background-image in assets folder.
  3. Configure the settings in the app.config.json file according to your needs.
  4. Run the program in terminal
$ ./arthur

Configure the app.config.json file

To get the center position of the image so that the position of the text matches what we want, we can use Figma.


Import your background-image on Figma, and adjust text like font, size, position in Figma. After that, turn the text
into a dot and adjust its position again so that it is in the middle. Select the text and press inspect then hover the
mouse over the area outside the text to see the margins.


After that you get the position, Position X is the left margin on the Figma, and Position Y the top margin on the Figma.
Likewise with the certificate code.

If you don’t want to use the certificate code, you can delete the code field in the app.config.json file.

  "config": {
    "event_name": "Web Development Series",
    "background_img": "./assets/bg-example.jpg",
    "name": {
      "font_path": "./assets/Rubik-Bold.ttf",
      "font_size": 96,
      "position_x": 986,
      "position_y": 700,
      "color_rgb": "0,0,0"


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