Swiss army knife for Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) software written in Go

gophertunnel is composed of several packages that may be of use for creating Minecraft related tools. A brief
overview of all packages may be found here.


Examples on how to dial a connection or start a server can be found in the minecraft package.
Additionally, a MITM proxy is implemented in the main.go file.


Gophertunnel supports only one version at a time. Generally, a new minor version is tagged when gophertunnel
supports a new Minecraft version that was not previously supported. A list of the recommended gophertunnel
versions for past Minecraft versions is listed below.

Version Tag
1.16.100 Latest
1.16.20 v1.8.2
1.16.0 v1.7.11
1.14.60 v1.6.5
1.14.0 v1.3.20
1.13.0 v1.3.5
1.12.0 v1.2.11