Traefik Nova Plugin


Traefik plugin to proxy requests to Snapt Nova for evaluation against the WAF.

Usage (docker-compose.yml)

See docker-compose.yml

  1. Set up a Nova Traefik ADC with WAF enabled at
  2. Get the AutoJoin key from
  3. Configure your docker-compose.yml or set your environment variables
  4. docker-compose up
  5. Go to http://localhost:8000/website, you see your request details
  6. Go to http://localhost:8000/website?test=/etc/passwd, the request is blocked if Nova’s WAF is enabled

How it works

This adds a middleware plugin to Traefik which proxies requests to a Nova container before sending them to your backend. If Nova determines the request should be blocked then it returns a block, otherwise it allows Traefik to continue as it would have.

This requires an AutoJoin key from a Traefik-based ADC you have already added on Nova ( and, naturally, requires that you enable the WAF. You can use learning mode on Nova to see what would be blocked.


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