Trav is a simple tool to expose a local port behind full cone nat to public network.


git clone
cd trav/client
go build -o trav


Currently only supports Linux system, and need iptables to create redirect rules.

trav -i 1500 -l 12345 -r 14885 -s

Then you can find the port exposed on the public network in /tmp/external.port. When someone connect to this port of nat firewall, the traffic will be redirected to port 14885. The file will be updated with next stun request when the nat mapping changes.

For a detailed and complete list of supported arguments, you can use -h flag to view a full version of help.

trav -h                                                                     
Usage of trav:                                                                          
  -6    whether to enable ipv6 forwarding. Note that the forwarding port for ipv6 is the external port rather than local port, and will be modified when nat mapping change.      
  -i int                                                                                  
        interval between two stun request in second (default 120)                         
  -l uint                                                                                 
        local port (default 12345)                                                        
  -r uint                                                                                 
        redir port (default 14885)                                                        
  -s string                                                                               
        stun server address in [addr:port] format, must support stun over tcp. (default "") 


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