Shipwright Trigger

This project is a prototype of Shipwright Triggers, an application meant to trigger BuildRun from the following event sources:

  • WebHook: Currently supports GitHub WebHook requests, extensible for other Git service providers as well
  • Tekton Custom Tasks (Run): Integrates Shipwright into Tekton Pipelines via Custom Task, allowing users to call out Shipwright Builds directly from pipelines.
  • Tekton Pipelines: Integrates Tekton Pipelines into Shipwright, Builds will be triggered when a given Pipeline has reach the desired status


WebHook Support (GitHub)

WebHook Support (GitHub)

Tekton Pipelines Integration

Tekton Pipelines Integration

Install and Contribute

Before you install Shipwright Trigger, please install Shipwright Build Controller from branch shipwright-trigger-api (PR #1008), it contains the new API with triggers support:

git clone
git checkout shipwright-trigger-api

make install-strategies install GO_ARCH="amd64" IMAGE_NAMESPACE="otaviof/build"

Please note the parameters informed to the make install target and adjust them on your environment.

With the Build Controller in place, you can install Shipwright Trigger:

make install KO_DOCKER_REPO=""

The deployment happens on the shipwright-build namespace, the default location for the other related components. And please, remember to adjust KO_DOCKER_REPO accordingly.


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