Project IDA TriStar SNMP Monitoring Application

Install GO

On FBSD system as user nrts:

as root:

  • cd ~nrts/build/go
  • tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.18.1.freebsd-386.tar.gz

as user nrts:

  • Check ~nrts/.pathrc for set MyPath = ($MyPath /usr/local/go/bin) and if not there, add before the line set path = ($MyPath $path).
  • log out (exit)
  • log back in
  • Check go installation by viewing the go version: go version. You should see: go version go1.18.1 freebsd/386

Get TSM Source from a Release on Github and Build

You must use a Personal Access Token from your GitHub account

  • cd ~/build
  • set TOKEN = “_your token goes here in quotes”

This example would download and build release version 1.2 created on Github

  • curl -sL –header “Authorization: token $TOKEN” –header ‘Accept: application/octet-stream’ https://github.com/ProjectIDA/tsm/archive/refs/tags/v1.2.tar.gz -o tsm.v1.2.tar.gz
  • tar xvf tsm.v1.2.tar.gz
  • cd tsm-1.2
  • go build
  • if ~/bin/tsm exists and you are upgrading, then chmod 755 ~/bin/tsm
  • cp tsm.toml ~/etc
  • cd ~/etc
  • Edit ~/etc/tsm.toml and set correct station code (uppercase) at top of file


*Convert to Cobra CLI framework *Implement MODBUS write functionality since Morningstar does not support SNMP writes


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