🐇 Tsubasa

Tiny, and simple Elasticsearch microservice to abstract searching objects!

Why did you build this?

Tsubasa was built to be a simple abstraction to not use the official SDKs to search objects within an
Elasticsearch index, so this is just a simple way to retrieve data from it.


⚠️ Tsubasa is alpha software, it is NOT production ready! Beware~ >!<

Sweet, you want to use Tsubasa for your own use cases! You can install the Tsubasa server:

System Requirements

This is the minimum system requirements to bootstrap Tsubasa. You don’t need to worry about this if
you’re running on the Helm Chart since that handles it for you.

  • 2GB or higher of system RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores or higher
  • Go 1.17 or higher
  • An instance of Elasticsearch running. This supports single-node and multi-node instances and multiple
    authentication methods.

Helm Chart

You can install Tsubasa on your Kubernetes cluster with a single command! You will need to index the
Noelware Helm Charts under the “noel” user (which is me! :D)

⚠️ You are required to be using Kubernetes >=1.22 and Helm 3!

$ helm repo add noel https://charts.noelware.org/~/noel

You should be able to search the tsubasa repository when using the helm search command.

Now, you should be able to just run tsubasa on a single command:

$ helm install <my-release> noel/tsubasa

…and the server should be running now. The helm chart assumes you installed an Elasticsearch cluster installed.

Docker Image

You can use the official Docker images on ghcr.io or on Docker Hub!

~ ; … coming soon >o< … ; ~

Locally with Git

~ ; … coming soon >o< … ; ~


Tsubasa is configured using a TOML file which must be in the following locations:

  • /app/noel/tsubasa/config.toml if using the Docker Image
  • $ROOT/config.toml if running locally or wanting to contribute to Tsubasa
  • TSUBASA_CONFIG_FILE environment variable, which will override both clauses above.

You can find an example in the documentation!


~ ; … coming soon >o< … ; ~


Tsubasa is released under the Apache 2.0 License by Noel!


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