dlv-tui is a terminal user interface for the delve debugger. Made for Go developers who prefer using terminal-only tools in their workflow. The goal is to provide all functionality of the delve cli-debugger, wrapped in a TUI.


The client supports debugging by running an excecutable or by attaching to an existing process. The debug target is the first argument, after which the following options can be provided:

  • -attach – If enabled, attach debugger to process. Interpret first argument as PID.
  • -port – The port dlv rpc server will listen to. (default “8181”)
  • -logfile – Path to the log file. (default “$XDG_DATA_HOME/dlvtui.log”)


Keybindings, colors and behavior of the client are customizable via a yaml configuration file located at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dlvtui/config.yaml.

Refer to config.yaml for an example configuration.


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