Turns a Remake profile into an otel trace


makeotel ./example/

a screenshot of Jaeger, showing the trace spans for the file

You can parent the spans to an existing trace with either the --trace-parent flag, or TRACEPARENT environment variable.

By default, it will send to an OTEL collector running on localhost:4317. This can be configured (see table below)


Name Flag EnvVar Default Description
Timestamp --timestamp none time.Now().UTC().Unix() The profile was started
Trace Parent --trace-parent TRACEPARENT empty A trace to attach these spans to
OTLP Debug --otlp-debug OTEL_DEBUG false Log to stdout information from the OTLP Exporter
OTLP Endpoint --otlp-endpoint OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_TRACES_ENDPOINT localhost:4317 The OTEL endpoint to send spans to
OTLP Headers --otlp-headers none empty Add custom headers to the OTEL Exporter, useful for SaaS Auth


There is a docker-compose.yml to run an OTEL Collector and a Jaeger instance for local testing.


  • Github Actions build, release creation
  • environment variable for --otlp-headers
  • configuration file?
  • custom TLS certificates for exporter?


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