Turn .mp3 files in current directory to a podcast feed just one command. Then you can subscribe to it with your favorite podcast client, download it for offline listening.

$ ls
ep1.mp3 ep2.mp3
$ dir2cast
[Parse] Processing ep1.mp3
[Parse] Processing ep2.mp3
[HTTP] Listening on port 8080 ...
  1. Open your podcast client.
  2. Choose Subscribe by URL and paste the URL: http://<your LAN address>:8080/feed.xml.
  3. Download and cache all episodes.
  4. Now you can stop the dir2cast proccess.

dir2cast will use filename as episode titles and use file modification time as episode publish date, extract ID3 tags from mp3 files, like lyrics and album cover.

dir2cast will use current directory as the name of podcast, and the first album cover as the podcast icon.


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