A decentralised microblogging client based on the specs of twtxt, used to handle your twtxt file.

Todo :

Timeline :

  • replace on timeline @nick or @ and present it like : @nick@url
  • highlight tags
  • add mkdown integration + color
  • use_pager: use a pager (less) to display your timeline (sorting not apply here)
  • porcelain style output in an easy-to-parse format (without pretty things)
  • use_abs_time: use absolute datetimes in your timeline
  • timeline_show_ascii_images Show images on ascii
  • timeline –web
  • timeline –gemini
  • timeline generates microformat v2 ( => html to see
  • timeline with thread organized

Tweet :

  • Tweet @nick will replace before to append
  • character_warning: warn when composed tweet has more characters
  • date + Encryption

Cache :

  • use_cache : cache remote twtxt files locally (with parquet)
  • timeline_update_interval: time in seconds cache is considered up-to-date

New Commands :

  • Thread command
  • Tag Command (like Thread actually)
  • see users’s Tweets Command
  • User Profile (metadata) Command
  • Mentions and Replied Thread Commands
  • Discover Command (download the followings of users that you follow ….)
  • Should we separate feed from follow ?
  • version console interactive (IRC like)

Hook :

  • yarn connection post (with keeping connection)
  • github integration (nick/twtxt.txt)
  • drive integration
  • one drive integration


Web-Server :

  • local web server
  • local gemini server


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