Endpoints added

1.Health endpoint – to check if server is running or not
HTTP method: GET

2.URL shortner endpoint – returns a short URL
HTTP Method: GET
Sample JSON Response:

“originalURL”: “http://google.com/1346461234567890123456789/get/who_is_who“,
“shortURL”: “http://localhost:8080/2TrAnj1lRpP^

  1. Redirect endpoint – It will redirect the request to the original url
    http://localhost:8080/2TrAnj1lRpP^ will redirect to http://google.com/1346461234567890123456789/get/who_is_who

Steps to execute application locally:

Note: Go should be installed local machine

1.To run test cases > go test
2.To run url-shortner-service > go run server.go or >./url-shortner-service.exe
3.Then we can test the above end endpoints

I faced some issue to run docker comand due to some network policy restriction.
So I have built an executable, which can be used to start the application anywhere.


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