Easily view the work that you have done for the day, at a glance, using your git commit history. This is ideal for a daily standup where you want to see what you have done in the past.

This leverages your git log, so works best when paired with clear and concise commit messages. A great example of this is conventional commits.


The easiest way to install is through the go command.

go install[email protected] # or tag, e.g. @v0.1.1

Or by downloading a pre-compiled binary on the releases page.


Simply pass a local directory that you wish to view the work for. This also supports multiple directories, as work is not always confined to a single project.

today work/very-important-business-app

today work/api work/frontend work/new-important-serivce # You've been very busy

today --since 48h work/api # You missed standup yesterday

today --short work/fun-poc # Only display first line of the commit message

Modifying the time range is done using the --since flag, valid time units for this conform to time.ParseDuration. The main use case for this is to extend or reduce the number of hours you wish to search across, but you may get incredibly precise if you so desire.

Using the --short flag is useful when commit messages are incredibly descriptive, spanning below the fold to explain the intention of a change.


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