Using golang to produce data to kinesis data stream

What is this

The idea behind this repo was to quickly determine how easy it would be to add a serverless function
to consume an API and add the data to a kinesis data stream.

To build

  1. Install golang:
  2. Compile the program: GOOS=linux go build dataConsumer.go
  3. Zip up the program: zip dataConsumer

To Deploy

  1. Install terraform:
  2. Navigate to infra folder: cd infra
  3. Apply the infrastructure: terraform apply --auto-approve

Whats next?

Up next would be to either consume in a lambda function and perform some sort of ETL work
prior to storing in to a database.
The other option is to send it to AWS GLUE to perform the ETL to continue learning the data
ingestion then storing in to a database.


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