This is a simple web service for checking what blockchain ports are exposed to the internet. It is useful for two reasons, not having P2P ports open can make peering more difficult, and accidently exposing RPC ports can create security risks.

How does it work?

From the host that will to be scanned, simply send an HTTP request to the service and it will print out the results. The scan uses a pre-defined list of ports and usually finishes in only a couple of seconds. There is a publicly available endpoint running at https://p2p.exposed/cosmos


$ curl p2p.exposed/cosmos
a.b.c.d:80    - generic http
a.b.c.d:443   - tls http
a.b.c.d:1317  - cosmos rest
a.b.c.d:9090  - tendermint grpc
a.b.c.d:9091  - tendermint grpc web
a.b.c.d:26656 - tendermint p2p
a.b.c.d:26657 - tendermint rpc

done: 7 open ports.

Currently this only supports Cosmos chains, but it is easy to add more. If you want to contribute, please submit a PR with the ports and a description. See sigs/cosmos-ports.yml for an example.


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