Blocky Logs

Blocky Logs is a utility to show logs from blocky DNS

At this moment it’s just working if you logging to MySQL database.


  • Show by event type

    • By default its show events from last hour
    • To show all events user –event “all”
  • Show events by IP

    • Show all logs from last 24 hours from specified IP addresses

Quick start

If you run blocky-log it’s will generate a sample configuration file.

The configuration file accepts multiple hosts.

Configuration file can be placed in /etc directory, current directory or in ~/etc directory.

hours: 1
defaulteventtype: all # "all" "BLOCKED (porn)" "BLOCKED (ads)"
  - database:
      database: blocky
      password: yourpassword
      port: 3306
      type: mysql
      username: alexandre
    name: Home

Output example


Issues, feature suggestions and pull requests are welcome!


Is better badly done than not done. It’s not perfect but it’s working.


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