UUID string type and value implementation for the Terraform Plugin Framework. Provides validation via Google’s UUID library for Go based on RFC 4122 and DCE 1.1: Authentication and Security Services.

Getting Started


Replace usages of types.StringType with uuidtype.Type{}.

Given the previous schema attribute:

	Required: true
	Type:     types.StringType 
	// Potential prior validators...

The updated schema will look like:

	Required: true
	Type:     uuidtype.Type{}

Schema Data Model

Replace usage of string, *string, or types.String in schema data models with uuidtype.Value.

Given the previous schema data model:

type ThingResourceModel struct {
    // ...
    Example types.String `tfsdk:"example"`

The updated schema data model will look like:

type ThingResourceModel struct {
    // ...
    Example uuidtype.Value `tfsdk:"example"`

Accessing Values

Similar to other value types, use the IsNull() and IsUnknown() methods to check whether the value is null or unknown. Use the String() method to extract a known uuid value.

Writing Values

Create a uuidtype.Value by calling one of these functions:

  • NullValue() Value: creates a null value.
  • UnknownValue() Value: creates an unknown value.
  • StringValue(string, path.Path) (Value, diag.Diagnostics): creates a known value using the given string or returns validation errors if string is not in the expected UUID format.
  • MustValue(string) Value creates a known value using the given string, but will panic if it’s unparseable as a UUID.

Adding the Dependency

All functionality is located in the github.com/matthewhartstonge/terraform-plugin-framework-type-uuid/uuidtype package. Add this as an import as required to your relevant Go files.

Run the following Go commands to fetch the latest version and ensure all module files are up-to-date.

go get github.com/matthewhartstonge/terraform-plugin-framework-type-uuidtype@latest
go mod tidy


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