Vanity Tor keys/onion addresses generator


You know what you are doing. You know where to copy the output files.
You know how to set up a Hidden Service.

Notes: finding a vanity address can take a lot of time. The longer
the wanted prefix is, the more time it will take until it finds a match.
Expect to wait several thousands years for a 10+ character prefix.


  • Docker is correctly installed
  • You know what you are doing

Build Docker image

docker build -t vanitytorgen .

Docker image Usage

Once built, you can use the image like this:

docker run --rm -v "$PWD:/vanitytorgen" vanitytorgen prefix /vanitytorgen

When found, the output files will be found in the current directory.

Executable Usage

Usage: vanitytorgen <prefix> [path]

Will generate Tor keys until corresponding onion address starts with
When found, hs_ed25519_secret_key, hs_ed25519_public_key and
hostname files will be created in the given path location or
in current directory if path is not supplied.


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