Compute Engine Image Tools

This repository contains various tools for managing disk images on Google Compute Engine.


The main documentation for the tools in this repository can be found on our page.


Daisy is a solution for running multi-step workflows on GCE.

Daisy Workflows

Full featured Daisy workflow examples, image builds, and image import workflows. A user guide for VM imports is also provided here.

Daisy Tutorials

Basic workflow examples and tutorials for getting started with Daisy.

GCE Export tool

The gce_export tool streams a local disk to a Google Compute Engine image file in a Google Cloud Storage bucket.

Prebuilt binaries

Prebuilt binaries are available for Windows, and Linux.

Built from the latest GitHub release (all 64bit):

Built from the latest commit to the master branch (all 64bit):


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All files in this repository are under the Apache License, Version 2.0 unless noted otherwise.


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