Vasar’s Practice in Dragonfly

A bit of context

This is Vasar DF, a project with the sole intent of remaking the PocketMine Vasar but, well, in Dragonfly.

Released early May, it was severely rushed and thus this code is not a great sight. Unfortunately, the project wasn’t a success either (hence why this is now open source), because the PvP community is extremely picky and is used to how movement (and as a result, PvP style) works on PocketMine.

As such, we all decided to end the project and make it open source.


  • Warro, for the original Vasar and for great support while developing Vasar DF
  • Prim, developer on Vasar PM & DF along with Oomph, our anti-cheat proxy (not included here)
  • Restart, developed significant cosmetic functions on Vasar DF
  • Raptor, developed significant functions of the match system on Vasar DF
  • Myself, for developing most of the base code for Vasar DF
  • Cadet, for emotional support
  • Sander, for developing Dragonfly and Gophertunnel
  • Ethan, for developing key components of Oomph


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