Verification of SLSA provenance

This repository contains the implementation for verifying SLSA provenance. It currently supports verifying provenance generated by the SLSA generator for Go projects. We are working on support for verifying provenance for other ecosystems.

Verification of Provenance

Available options

Below is a list of options currently supported. Note that signature verification is handled seamlessly without the need for developers to manipulate public keys.

$ git clone [email protected]:slsa-framework/slsa-verifier.git
$ go run . --help
 Usage of ./slsa-verifier:
  -binary string
    	path to a binary to verify
  -branch string
    	expected branch the binary was compiled from (default "main")
  -provenance string
    	path to a provenance file
  -source string
    	expected source repository that should have produced the binary, e.g.
  -tag string
    	[optional] expected tag the binary was compiled from
  -versioned-tag string
    	[optional] expected version the binary was compiled from. Uses semantic version to match the tag


$ go run . --binary ~/Downloads/binary-linux-amd64 --provenance ~/Downloads/binary-linux-amd64.intoto.jsonl --source

Verified against tlog entry 1544571
verified SLSA provenance produced at 
        "caller": "origin/repo",
        "commit": "0dfcd24824432c4ce587f79c918eef8fc2c44d7b",
        "job_workflow_ref": "/slsa-framework/slsa-github-generator-go/.github/workflows/[email protected]/heads/main",
        "trigger": "workflow_dispatch",
        "issuer": ""
successfully verified SLSA provenance

Technical design

Blog post

Find our blog post series here.


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