Modern watch command.

Viddy well, gopher. Viddy well.




  • Basic features of original watch command.
    • Execute command periodically, and display the result.
    • color output.
    • diff highlight.
  • Time machine mode. 😎
    • Rewind like video.
    • Go to the past, and back to the future.
  • See output in pager.
  • Vim like keymaps.
  • Search text.
  • Suspend and restart execution.
  • Run command in precise intervals forcibly.
  • Support shell alias
  • Customize keymappings.
  • Customize color.



...via Homebrew:

brew install sachaos/tap/viddy

...via MacPorts:

sudo port install viddy


wget -O viddy.tar.gz && tar xvf viddy.tar.gz && mv viddy /usr/local/bin

ArchLinux ( AUR )

yay -S viddy

Alternatively you can use the AUR Git repo directly

Alpine Linux

After enabling the community repository:

apk add viddy

asdf version manager

asdf plugin add viddy
asdf install viddy latest
asdf global viddy latest


go install[email protected]


Download from release page.


SPACE Toggle time machine mode
s Toggle suspend execution
d Toggle diff
t Toggle header display
? Toggle help view
/ Search text
j Pager: next line
k Pager: previous line
Control-F Pager: page down
Control-B Pager: page up
g Pager: go to top of page
Shift-G Pager: go to bottom of page
Shift-J (Time machine mode) Go to the past
Shift-K (Time machine mode) Back to the future
Shift-F (Time machine mode) Go to more past
Shift-B (Time machine mode) Back to more future
Shift-O (Time machine mode) Go to oldest position
Shift-N (Time machine mode) Go to current position


Install your config file on $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/viddy.toml
On macOS, the path is ~/Library/Application\ Support/viddy.toml.

shell = "zsh"
shell_options = ""

timemachine_go_to_past = "Down"
timemachine_go_to_more_past = "Shift-Down"
timemachine_go_to_future = "Up"
timemachine_go_to_more_future = "Shift-Up"
timemachine_go_to_now = "Ctrl-Shift-Up"
timemachine_go_to_oldest = "Ctrl-Shift-Down"

background = "white" # Default value is inherit from terminal color.

What is "viddy" ?

"viddy" is Nadsat word meaning to see.
Nadsat is fictional argot of gangs in the violence movie "A Clockwork Orange".