Dictionary CLI Go

View the dictionary through the CLI



From release

curl -LO https://github.com/BetaPictoris/dict/releases/latest/download/dict    # Download the latest binary.
sudo install -Dt /usr/local/bin -m 755 dict                                    # Install Dictionary CLI to "/usr/local/bin" with the mode "755"

Build from source


You need Go installed to build this program. You can install it from your distro’s repository using one of the following commands:

# Arch/Manjaro (and derivatives)
sudo pacman -S go

# Debian/Ubuntu (and derivatives)
sudo apt install golang-go

Alternatively, you can install it from go’s official website: https://go.dev/doc/install

git clone [email protected]:BetaPictoris/dict.git      # Clone the repository
cd dict                                             # Change into the repository's directory
make                                                # Build Wiki CLI
sudo make install                                   # Install Wiki CLI to "/usr/local/bin" with the mode "755"

User install

If you don’t have access to sudo on your system you can install to your user’s ~/.local/bin directory with this command:

install -Dt ~/.local/bin -m 755 dict


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