Promviz is an application that helps you visualize the traffic of your cluster from Prometheus data.

It has 2 components:

  • Promviz: retrieves data from Prometheus servers, aggregates them and provides an API to get the graph data.

  • Promviz-front: based on Netflix's vizceral to render traffic graph.


  • Generates and renders traffic graph in realtime
  • Able to replay from any time in the past
  • Able to generate notices on node and connection from prom query
  • Provides a sidecar application for k8s that watches config changes and reload Promviz server in runtime
  • Fits with Istio's metrics




Helm chart

If you are using Helm, the simplest way to install is using the charts in helm directory with

helm install --name promviz ./helm/promviz
helm install --name promviz-front ./helm/promviz-front

Docker images

Docker images of both promviz and promviz-front are available on Docker Hub.


I have already prepared 2 examples and put them in the example directory.

You can try it by going to that directory and run

docker-compose -f simple-compose.yaml up --build


docker-compose -f full-compose.yaml up --build

Then checkout each service at:

- promviz-front: [http://localhost:8080/graph](http://localhost:8080/)
- promviz: [http://localhost:9091/graph](http://localhost:9091/graph)
- prometheus: [http://localhost:9090/graph](http://localhost:9090/graph)
- mock-metric: [http://localhost:30001/metrics](http://localhost:30001/metrics)