Volcan is a powerful, extensible moderation bot for Discord.

Why another bot?

Many moderations bots already exist for Discord, some of them – for example Zeppelin – are already incredibly complex and fill the needs of the majority of servers, so why build another bot? It mainly boils down to a personal issue I have with the existing solutions, combined they have (almost) everything I want, but individually they don’t.

Here’s the criteria for my perfect moderation bot, and what Volcan hopes to achieve:

  • Powerfull shell-like command interface. (ban @vcokltfre --days 3 --no-dm)
  • Easy to customise commands, such as aliasing commands in a config file.
  • Feature-complete API for extensibility, with identical functionality to commands.
  • WebSocket event stream for bot actions.

Setup and Documentation

Please see the documentation.


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