VS Code code snippets generator.


curl -sf | sh

For Windows users, please download it in release page.


See my snippets as example.

$ mkdir my-snippets
$ cd my-snippets

$ touch csl.snp
// csl.snp

scope: javascript
description: console log

$ snp -u

snp -u would write a code snippet file to your VS Code snippets folder. Then when you type csl in VS Code, the code snippet appear in IntelliSense.

The program only find the files with .snp extension in current working directory.

The .snp file

.snp is just a file with front matter and the snippet code. You should pass at least these attributes:

  • scope
  • description The description of this snippet

The file name would become the snippet prefix (the trigger text).

For the snippet syntax, you should see the VS Code Docs

CLI Options

$ snp --help

Usage of snp:
  -p	Should print out the json text
  -u	Should automatically update snippet file in VS Code
  -v	Print version


Instead of updating the file on VS Code snippets folder, you could use -p to just print out the JSON and then use this output to do what you want, like output to a file:

snp -p > my-snippet.code-snippets


go install

go build