A simple wallpaper changer written in Go with the main goal of being light and fast. Mainly inspired by Nitrogen (more like a cheap knockoff ¯_( ͡❛͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯ ), Walldo searches for your images, lists them all and displays them on a single screen. Change your wallpaper as fast as you want. Nothing more and nothing less, simple and functional.

A wallpaper changer app ? Why ?…

As a person who likes to change his wallpaper very often, I was looking for an app that would allow me to do it in a simple way and as fast as possible. In Linux there are many applications that can do that, but in Windows most of them are very slow and bloated.



Walldo is written in pure Go so of course you have to install Golang.


After you have installed Go, simply open a new terminal (cmd) and run:

go install -ldflags -H=windowsgui github.com/elias-gill/walldo-in-go@latest

Now Walldo must be available in your search bar as “waldo-in-go”. You can create a direct access and change the icon if you want.


Note: Linux is not the main target, I recommend looking for Feh or Nitrogen.

go install github.com/elias-gill/walldo-in-go@latest

Now you can run “walldo-in-go” on your terminal. If you are using some Desktop Enviroment you can create a direct acces for the command.


  • Be some sort of replace for Nitrogen or Feh for Windows.
  • Be faster and lighter than other similar apps availables.

Comming features (maybe)

  • A button to get a random wallpaper from the internet.


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