Wascra is a tool written in Golang, which lets you extract all relevant Datasheet info from a Warhammer40K (9th edition) faction from Wahapedia.ru and is powered by the colly framework.

Wascra searches for faction(s) via command-line arguments and supports terminal output as well as output to file.

For dependencies/ module information please see go.mod

Note that this module is WIP.


For a full list of provided factions from the wiki, please refer to the official site


To scrape the desired faction(s), just execute the following command in a terminal:

go run wascra.go [{-flags}] {faction1} [faction2]


Supported flags are:

-v – for verbose output while scraping (shows URLs of visited models)

-w – writes data to an auto-generated file to ./factions/ (filename is a concatenation of given arguments/factions)

-wv – verbose writing

-h – lists additional help


go run wascra.go -v space-marines

Note: Faction arguments can be lower or uppercase, while whitespaces must be replaced with hyphens -.

Future improvements / planned fixes

  • – fix selector strings

  • – serialize Model struct for JSON export

  • – add JSON support

  • – concurrent scraping for multiple factions


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