Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases.

Pgweb is a web-based database browser for PostgreSQL, written in Go and works on OSX, Linux and Windows machines. Main idea behind using Go for backend development is to utilize ability of the compiler to produce zero-dependency binaries for multiple platforms. Pgweb was created as an attempt to build very simple and portable application to work with local or remote PostgreSQL databases.





  • Cross-platform support OSX/Linux/Windows 32/64-bit
  • Simple installation (distributed as a single binary)
  • Zero dependencies
  • Works with PostgreSQL 9.1+
  • SSH Connections
  • Multiple database sessions
  • Simple database browser
  • Execute and analyze custom SQL queries
  • Table and query data export to CSV/JSON/XML
  • Query history
  • Server bookmarks

Visit WIKI for more details

Pgweb Pro

Pgweb Pro is the next major version of Pgweb and includes features like:

  • Table structure editing
  • Data editing (update row content)
  • Charting
  • History persistence
  • Multiple tabs


Precompiled binaries for supported
operating systems are available.

More installation options


Start server:


You can also provide connection flags:

pgweb --host localhost --user myuser --db mydb

Connection URL scheme is also supported:

pgweb --url postgres://user:[email protected]:port/database?sslmode=[mode]

Multiple database sessions

To enable multiple database sessions in pgweb, start the server with:

pgweb --sessions

Or set environment variable:

SESSIONS=1 pgweb


Before running tests, make sure you have PostgreSQL server running on localhost:5432
interface. Also, you must have postgres user that could create new databases
in your local environment. Pgweb server should not be running at the same time.

Execute test suite:

make test

If you're using Docker locally, you might also run pgweb test suite against
all supported PostgreSQL version with a single command:

make test-all