Web Development With Google’s Golang Programming Language Code Snippet and Exercises

This repository contains my code snippets, hands on exercises and solutions from the Web Developmemt W/ Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language Course by Todd McLeod.

The code snippets and exercises contains codes on a wide area or range of topics on the fundamentals of Web Development and Web Development With Go (golang) Programming language. This area includes:

  1. Architecture

    This covers networking architecture, client/server architecture, http request / response pattern, RFC standards defined by the IETF, format of requests from clients and responses from servers.

  2. Templates

    Working with templates using Go’s standard Library “text/template”.

  3. Servers

    This covers the relationship between TCP and HTTP, Development of a TCP Server which responds to a HTTP request, rot13 and in-memory database using keys and values, understanding routing.

  4. The net/http package

    Understanding request using the Handler interface, http.ListenAndServe, http.Handle, http.HandleFunc, http.ServeContent methods from the net/http package.

  5. State & Sessions

    Creating States: UUID’s, cookies, values in URL’s, security, and creating and destroying of sessions.

  6. Deployment

    Deploying an application to Google Cloud

  7. Amazon Web Services

    Using Amazon web services (AWS), creating a virtual linux machine on AWS EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), using secure shell (SSH) to manage a virtual machine, using secure copy (SCP) to transfer files to a virtual machine, using load balancers on AWS.

  8. Database

    Using MySQL on AWS, understanding CRUD, Working with MongoDB and Go, create MySQL workbench on AWS.

  9. MVC (Model View Controller) Design Pattern

  10. Docker

    Hands on exercise on Docker images, Docker containers, and Docker registries, implementing Docker and Go, deploying Docker and Go.

  11. Google Cloud

  12. Web Dev Toolkit

    • AJAX
    • JSON
    • json.Marhsal & json.Unmarshal
    • json.Encode & json.Decode
    • Hash message authentication code (HMAC)
    • Base64 encoding
    • Web storage
    • Context
    • TLS & HTTPS
    • JSON with Go using Tags


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