WebCall WebRTC Telephony Server

Browser based telephony over E2EE P2P with very high audio quality.
WebCall is lightweight and easy to use.
Fetch a unique phone number (a WebCall user link), send it to a friend and ask to be called back:


Decentral WebCall

We can build a network of telephony servers, offering completely free and
boundless telephony to everyone. This is possible because WebCall
servers can be operated by anyone. And because, as a user, you can interact with any
other WebCall user, regardless of who is hosting you or them.
All of this is possible without central coordination and without any server-to-server
communication taking place.

+++ Please post this link to your favorite site +++



A single WebCall server can provide free and secure telephony to 1M users.
A very small (1GB, shared) server can host up to 30K concurrent users.
Here I describe how you can build WebCall and run it for yourself and 30K friends:



AGPL3.0 – see: LICENSE

3rd party code (external)

  • github.com/lesismal/nbio
  • go.etcd.io/bbolt
  • github.com/pion/turn
  • github.com/mrjones/oauth
  • github.com/SherClockHolmes/webpush-go
  • gopkg.in/ini
  • github.com/webrtcHacks/adapter.js

3rd party code (embedded/modified)

  • github.com/RapidLoop: skv
  • github.com/ChimeraCoder: Twitter
  • AppRTC’s sdputils.js: prefercodec.js
  • mr-wang-from-next-door: GetOutboundIP()
  • github.com/mahan: AtomBool