websocket pub/sub microservice

websocket pub/sub style microservice server written in golang


  • run server: go run server.go
  • connect to the server with arguments ?topic=<some_topic>
  • send messages to the server for that topic
  • receive messages from the server for that topic


  • supports multiple topics
  • supports multiple clients per topic
  • optional api key define in /utils/system_utils/system_utils.go
  • multithreaded
  • cmd line arguments for development(bind to localhost) and production(bind to public address)
  • logging output to file


basic example html served from /test route to test websocket connection


  • server.go: main file
    • starts websocket server
    • contains the handler function
  • file_utils.go: file utilities
    • contains functions to read and write files
  • time_utils.go: time utilities
    • contains functions to get the current time and date
  • http_utils.go: http utilities
    • contains functions to handle http requests
    • contains functions to handle websocket requests
  • system_utils.go: system utilities
    • handles cmd line arguments

websocket server library

  • gorilla websocket
    • Gorilla WebSocket is a Go implementation of the WebSocket protocol.

Cheers, Mark


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