Spring4Shell Detect

WhiteSource spring4shell Detect is a free CLI tool that quickly scans your projects to find vulnerable Spring4shell versions containing the following known CVEs:

  • CVE-2022-22965

It provides the exact path to direct and indirect dependencies, along with the fixed version for speedy remediation.

The supported packages managers are:

  • gradle
  • maven
  • bundler

In addition, the tool will search for vulnerable files with the .jar,.gem extensions.


  • Download the spring4shell-detect binary based on your OS platform (see installation steps below)


  1. For mac users, if the following message appears: “spring4shell-detect can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”, please follow the steps described here

  2. The relevant binaries must be installed for the scan to work, i.e:

    • gradle if the scanned project is a gradle project (contains a settings.gradle or a build.gradle file)
    • mvn if the scanned project is a maven project (contains a pom.xml file)
    • ruby/jruby and gem/jgem if the scanned project is a bundler project (contains a Gemfile.lock/gems.locked file)
  3. Building the projects before scanning will improve scan time and reduce potential scan errors

    • maven projects must be built prior to scanning, e.g. with the following command:

      mvn install
    • bundler projects must be built prior to scanning, e.g. with the following command:

      jbundler install
    • It is not necessary to run gradle build prior to scanning a gradle project, but that will greatly decrease the scan time


In order to scan your project, simply run the following command:

spring4shell-detect scan -d PROJECT_DIR

The folder can include source code that uses supported package managers in the project, as well binaries with the supported extensions mentioned above. It may error if it’s run in a location which has protected folders it cannot access, such as Windows system folders.



ARCH=amd64 # or ARCH=arm64
wget "https://github.com/whitesource/spring4shell-detect/releases/latest/download/spring4shell-detect-1.0.0-linux-$ARCH.tar.gz"
tar -xzvf spring4shell-detect-1.0.0-linux-$ARCH.tar.gz
chmod +x spring4shell-detect
./spring4shell-detect -h


ARCH=amd64 # or ARCH=arm64 
wget "https://github.com/whitesource/spring4shell-detect/releases/latest/download/spring4shell-detect-1.0.0-darwin-$ARCH.tar.gz"
tar -xzvf spring4shell-detect-1.0.0-darwin-$ARCH.tar.gz
chmod +x spring4shell-detect
./spring4shell-detect -h


Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "https://github.com/whitesource/spring4shell-detect/releases/latest/download/spring4shell-detect-1.0.0-windows-amd64.zip" -OutFile "spring4shell-detect.zip"
Expand-Archive -LiteralPath 'spring4shell-detect.zip'
cd spring4shell-detect
.\spring4shell-detect.exe -h


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