Emote in Zoom with Keyboard Shortcuts

This program:

- finds a window with "Zoom Meeting" in its title
- looks for the 'Reactions' icon at the bottom of the screen
- clicks the 'Reactions' icon
- depending on the arguments, clicks one of the emoji icons

The buttons at the bottom must be visible, press the Alt key to toggle the buttons.

Arguments you can pass to this program are:

thumbs up
cry laughing
open mouth
slow down
speed up
raise hand

which correspond to the respective emoji. Pass these words directly, no ‘-‘ or ‘–‘.


go install -ldflags="-H=windowsgui" github.com/gonutz/zoom_emote@latest

where the flag is for creating a Windows program instead of a console program. If you do not set this flag, a console window pops up when you start the program.

On Windows

- Go to your %GOBIN% path and find this program.
- Create links to this program on your Desktop.
- Go to a link's Properties.
- In the 'Target' field, add arguments at the end (e.g. "thumbs up").
- In the field 'Shortcut key' press e.g. U to create shortcut Ctrl+Alt+U.

You can create multiple links for different emojis and give each a custom shortcut.

Caveat Emptor

The program only works on Windows.

This program may or may not work on your machine, it was only tested on my machine. The screenshot of the ‘Reactions’ icon was taken at 100% scale, some Windows machines come with 125% scale which might cause problems.

Zoom might have updated their icons between this program’s last commit and you using it.

You might have different settings on your machine of where your icons are, this program assumes they are at the bottom of the Zoom window.


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