Wireguard client that exposes itself as a socks5 proxy or tunnels

What is this

wireproxy is a completely userspace application that connects to a wireguard peer,
and exposes a socks5 proxy or tunnels on the machine. This can be useful if you need
to connect to certain sites via a wireguard peer, but do not want to setup a new network
interface for whatever reasons.

Why you might want this

  • You simply want wireguard as a way to proxy some traffic
  • You don’t want root permission just to change wireguard settings

Currently I am running wireproxy connected to a wireguard server in another country,
and configured my browser to use wireproxy for certain sites. It is pretty useful since
wireproxy is completely isolated from my network interfaces, also I don’t need root to configure


./wireproxy [config file path]

Sample config file

# SelfSecretKey is the secret key of your wireguard peer
SelfSecretKey = uCTIK+56CPyCvwJxmU5dBfuyJvPuSXAq1FzHdnIxe1Q=
# SelfEndpoint is the IP of your wireguard peer
SelfEndpoint =
# PeerPublicKey is the public key of the wireguard server you want to connec to
PeerPublicKey = QP+A67Z2UBrMgvNIdHv8gPel5URWNLS4B3ZQ2hQIZlg=
# PeerEndpoint is the endpoint of the wireguard server you want to connec to
PeerEndpoint =
# DNS is the DNSs that will be used by wireproxy.
# Multple DNSs can be specified as such: DNS =,
# KeepAlive is the persistent keep alive interval of the wireguard device
# usually not needed
# KeepAlive = 25
# PreSharedKey is the pre shared key of your wireguard device
# if you don't know what this is you don't need it
# PreSharedKey = UItQuvLsyh50ucXHfjF0bbR4IIpVBd74lwKc8uIPXXs=

# TCPClientTunnel is a tunnel listening on your machine, and
# forward any TCP traffic received to the specified target via wireguard
# some applications on your LAN -> --wireguard--> play.cubecraft.net:25565
BindAddress =
Target = play.cubecraft.net:25565

# TCPServerTunnel is a tunnel listening on wireguard, and
# forward any TCP traffic received to the specified target via local network
# some applications on your wireguard network --wireguard--> -> localhost:25545
ListenPort = 3422
Target = localhost:25545

# Socks5 create a socks5 proxy on your LAN, and any traffic would be routed via wireguard
BindAddress =


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