With this CLI Tool, Fuel Price list information is instantly retrieved by city group. Price List information is printed on the screen by Parse instantly from Petrolofisi.com.tr You can Get Price List of Diesel and Gasoline by 3 cities.

🍎This is Petrolofisi crawler CLI. In every request, It parses Petrolofisi.com.tr If Petrolofisi.com.tr doesn’t response, this service can’t work.


📺 fuel
fuel -h

Default Command: “fuel”

Example Usage: Usage: fuel [flags]

How to install Fuel Cli:

go install github.com/borakasmer/[email protected]

🔴Important: You need Go program package to install Netflix-Cli => Go Downloads

  1. “go env” With the command “GOPATH” and “GOROOT” folders of GO can be seen.
  2. On Mac after “go install …” the “go/bin/fuel” file under GOPATH => should be copied under “go/bin/” folder under GOROOT.
  3. In Windows, there is no need to further action ✅



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