With this CLI Tool, you can generate your own password with specific parameters. You can get custom password with “-s 7, -n 3, -c” flags.

🍎This is Custom Password CLI. In every request, generated a new random password. If you don’t set any parameters, you will get 8 length lowercase string password.



📺 pwd-cli
pwd-cli -s 8 -n 3 -c
  • -s, –str int Length of string characters in Password
  • -n, –num int Length of number characters in Password
  • -h, –help Help for netflix-cli
  • -c, –capital bool Is there any capital letter ?

Default Command: “pwd-cli”

Example Usage:

Usage: pwd-cli [flags]

  • “pwd-cli -s 8 -n 3 -c”
  • “pwd-cli -s 10 -c”
  • “pwd-cli –str 6 –num 2 –capital”
  • “pwd-cli” => default: ‘pwd-cli -s 8 -n 0’


-c flag gets “true”, if there is “-C” flag. If there is no -c flag, -c flag gets “false” value. -s flag gets default 8 value.

How to install pwd-cli (Random Password Generator):

go install[email protected]

🔴Important: You need Go program package to install pwd-cli => Go Downloads

  1. “go env” With the command “GOPATH” and “GOROOT” folders of GO can be seen.
  2. On Mac after “go install …” the “go/bin/pwd-cli” file under GOPATH => should be copied under “go/bin/” folder under GOROOT.
  3. In Windows, there is no need to further action ✅


📗 Extra Detail ————————————————————————————————————–

  • “-s 10” The Length of String Characters in Password is 10 and none of them is Capital. The default value is 8.
  • “-n 7” => The Length of Number Characters in Password is 7
  • “-s 5 -c” => The String Length of Password is 5 and some of them are Capital!
  • “pwd-cli” command => By default it means “pwd-cli –str 8 –num 0”. And there is no Capital letter in the Password.


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