wo ee cve-2022-2185 gitlab authenticated rce


how to use

First spawn a gitlab instance. Log in, create a group and project with a unique name. Create an access token.

Edit these lines in main.go and compile it:

const importProjectName = "projectwtf"
const runCmd = "/bin/sleep inf"
const proxyTo = "http://localhost:8000/"

This mitm runs on *:8100. Expose it to the Internet.

Log in to target server. Navigate to create a group – import and enter the local server details. When you are going to import, intercept the request and change it:

  • source_type to project_entity
  • source_full_path to your_group/your_project
  • if destination_namespace is empty, change it to any non-empty name
  • destination_name is not empty by design

Pass the modified request to server. Wait 255s to get rce.

Note: the command may be run multiple times.


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