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Worker pool with retries and gracefull shutdown for Go


Using go get

go get


type Task struct {
	proletarian.TaskHeader // embed this to make your task supported by proletarian
    ... // all other fields for your task

pool := proletarian.NewPool(context.TODO(), proletarian.PoolConfig{
    LobbySize: 0,
    Size:      2,
    Retries:   2,
    Func:      func(poolTask proletarian.Task) error {
		task := poolTask.(*Task)
        ... // working with task
		return nil // return error, if nil, if returned error is not nil, then retry mechanism will be applied

pool.Run() // Run pool workers and internals

go func() {
	for i := range tasks {
	pool.Shutdown() // pool.Queue will not add new tasks to the pool and it will wait until all tasks will be finished (including retires) and stops pool. After Shutdown() pool is not usable anymore.

go func() {
	for {
		errTask := pool.ErroredTask()
		if errTask == nil {
		// process errored task

pool.Wait() // Wait for wait pool workers to finish all tasks


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