1. Manager Employees – Teams
  2. Connect to Database and save information
  3. Write API for employees and teams

Getting Started

  1. Install MySQL
  2. Create file dev_config.json in folder pkg/config
  3. Configure features in file config/dev_config.json the following format:

        "DB_PORT": "3306",
        "DB_HOST": "",
        "DB_NAME": "manager_employee"
  4. We must install package: tkanos/gonfig,, go-sql-driver/mysql by the following:

go get
go get
go get
  1. Before running the program, you must set up the database by running the command:

    go run build/database/build_db.go

  2. Use command: go run cmd/web/*.go run program

  3. API :

    • Get list all employees:

        localhost:8080/employees (GET)
    • Get list all teams:

        localhost:8080/teams (GET)
    • Search employee by id:

        localhost:8080/employee/{id} (GET)
    • Search team by id:

        localhost:8080/team/{id} (GET)
    • Create employee:

        localhost:8080/employee (POST)
    • Create team:

        localhost:8080/team (POST)
    • Update employee:

        localhost:8080/employee/{id} (PUT)
    • Update team:

        localhost:8080/team/{id} (PUT)
    • Delete employee:

        localhost:8080/employee/{id} (DELETE)
    • Delete team:

        localhost:8080/team/{id} (DELETE)
    • Delete/Add employee join to team:

        localhost:8080/employee/{idEmp}/team/{idTeam} (POST/DELETE)


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