YCGuestAgent is a binary executable, running as a service, allowing to reset the user’s password on demand.


Password reset processed by the following flow:

  1. A pair of RSA keys are generated on a user-side (by browser or PowerShell module)

  2. YCGuestAgent does the following steps on Virtual Machine:

    • receives and verifies user’s request;
    • generates new password;
    • creates a new user with admin permissions if given user does not exist;
    • sets a password to the given Virtual Machine user;
    • encrypts the password by given encryption key;
    • transmits the encrypted password to COM4 port
  3. Encrypted password if fetched by Console or PowerShell module

  4. Password is decrypted by private key on a user-side and displayed in Console or PowerShell


YCGuestAgentUpdater is a binary executable, running as a service, performing updating YCGuestAgent.


This agent regularly checks if a new version of YCGuestAgent is available.

Then, it downloads a new version and tries to install it and run it.

If the new version cannot start, the update agent fallbacks YCGuestAgent to the previous working version.


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