🕵️ Zaber

Yet another CVE-2019-9670 exploit, but in Golang

🕵️ What is Zaber?

🕵️ Zaber is a Golang tool created to exploit the vulnerability defined as CVE-2019-9670 (XXE in Zimbra Collaboration 8.7.X < 8.7.11p10)

⚡ Installing / Getting started

A quick guide of how to install and use Zaber.

1. go install github.com/oppsec/zaber
2. zaber -u https://example.com

⚙️ Pre-requisites

  • Golang installed on your machine.

✨ Features

  • Extremely fast
  • Low RAM and CPU usage
  • Made in Go

🔨 Contributing

A quick guide of how to contribute with the project.

1. Create a fork from Zaber repository.
2. Download the project with git clone https://github.com/your/zaber.git
3. cd zaber/
4. Make your changes.
5. Commit and make a git push.
6. Open a pull request.

⚠️ Warning

  • The developer is not responsible for any malicious use of this tool.


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