Zabbix Database Cleaner



For Debian based systems:

sudo apt install ./zabbix-cleaner-x64.deb

For RHEL based systems:

sudo yum install ./zabbix-cleaner-x64.rpm

After installation, the environment file is filled with appropriate data.

sudo nano /opt/zabbix-cleaner/.env

The content should look like the following :

DB_DRIVER=postgresql/mysql # Database type
DB_HOST= # Database ip address
DB_PORT=5432/3306 # Database port
DB_NAME=zabbix # Zabbix database name (default:zabbix)
DB_USER=zabbix # Zabbix database username (default:zabbix)
DB_PASS= # Zabbix username's password
INTERVAL=30 # Data day to be protected

Finally, the service must be restarted.

sudo systemctl restart zabbix-cleaner

To make sure it works correctly :

sudo systemctl status zabbix-cleaner


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