Zero Config Modern Typescript Projects

I really like the idea behind but I find it uses older tools and it ends up taking time for me to setup my typescript packages anyways. So I wanted to make something like it that fit my stack and preferred tools better, something that obfuscates all the configuration needed to run modern typescript applications and allows use to get started instantly.

Get started

npm install -g @cryogenicplanet/tsdev

tsdev create {name}


  • Instantly bootstrap typescript apps for express, react and next
  • Automatically handles all eslint and prettier config
  • Comes with built in dev mode with in built watcher
  • Use very fast built tools, like esbuild and vite
  • Inbuilt config and setup for tailwind
  • Has tooling for bundling .dts with dts-bundle
  • Has defaults for publishing react packages with vite-library-mode
    • Adds support for twind (tailwind as css-in-js) so you can publish react packages while using tailwind with tiny bundles. This also has better support when use in next

Base commands

➜ tsdev --help          
   tsdx++ - Zero config modern typescript tooling

   tsdev [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

   create    Create a new application
   dev       This run the app in dev mode with file watching
   build     This builds the app for production.
   prettier  Will run pretty-quick
   lint      Will lint the application
   help, h   Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   --help, -h  show help (default: false)


Templates are not stored here, this just allows us to keep this repo clean, all the templates are here and are hosted at


Some of these might happen sooner than others. If you want something to be prioritized make an issue

  • [] Monorepo support, automatically bootstrap monorepos
  • [] Support for publishConfig beyond just pnpm. This is super useful for typescript packages in monorepos
  • [] Add basic CI setup for github actions (with all three package managers)
  • [] Add defaults for publishing normal non-react packages
  • [] Allow overwriting or extending eslint configs
  • [] Add graphql template using tsgql. This will be graphql without having to write any graphql code at all, just typescript.
  • [] Add prisma batteries
  • [] Add support for all nextjs examples from
  • [] tsdev filename Automatically run any .ts or .tsx file with zero config
    • The .ts part of this is easy, it is basically what tsdev dev filename is
    • The .tsx part is a bit more complicated, and will require making a custom version of vite that just runs file without a config file or a .html file or having to use react-dom yourself
  • [] Make vite default template use filesystem routing
  • [] Clone bun run feature to allow really fast npm run commands
  • [] Add support for bun once it becomes more stable


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