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GO ZeroLog Adapter (a.k.a. go-zla) is a lightweight Golang module that adapt the use of the zerolog logger to a standard interface provided by the go-facades project.


Details of the standard interface could be found HERE

This example program shows the initialization and the use of some levels and features:

package zla_test

import (


func bar() error {
	return e2h.Trace(fmt.Errorf("foo"))

func Example_logger() {

	logger, _ := zla.NewLogger()

	//We've set this time func in order to always get the same time in the logger output
	mockedDateTime := time.Date(2021, 05, 21, 9, 00, 00, 000000000, time.UTC)

	//By default, the logger in fully initialized with level Info and writes to StdOutput
	logger.Info("Log this!")

	reqId := "ad7ec2d7-d92d-4d02-a937-e0c477611ffd"
	logger.WithRefID(reqId).Error(bar(), "This is an error log!")

	// Output:
	// {"time":"2021-05-21T06:00:00-03:00","level":"INFO","message":"Log this!","where":"aca"}
	// {"time":"2021-05-21T06:00:00-03:00","ref":"ad7ec2d7-d92d-4d02-a937-e0c477611ffd","level":"ERROR","message":"This is an error log!","where":"aca","details":{"error":"foo","stack_trace":[{"func":"github.com/cdleo/go-zla_test.bar","caller":"zla_example_test.go:12"}]}}



You can find a sample of the use of go-zla project HERE


Comments, suggestions and/or recommendations are always welcomed. Please check the Contributing Guide to learn how to get started contributing.


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